December 16, 2011

2ml Bbls Bonny Light Crude Oil on brd a vessel for sale

QUANTITY TO BE LIFTED: 2,000,000 BBLS PRODUCT: LIGHT NIGERIAN CRUDE OIL PORT: BONNY TERMINAL QUALITY: Gravity 34.6 + 0,5° API Sweet Crude and BS and W. Less than 0.2% Average. POUR POINT: 4,7 PTB @ 0.10% BS & W. PRICE: ON NET BACK Concession as agreed with agents.

December 13, 2011

Buy Used Rails Origin Central Europe (not Russian)

Looking urgently for a buyer Turk. Annual contract 90,000MT x 12 months CIF, with the possibility of a second contract for 110,000MT x 12 Target Price: $325/MT Payment RDLC. Commissions included in the price and paid by the seller of $ 5 / MT for the buyer side. We must necessarily be linked with the final seller. Opportunity to visit the Stock Yards and the buyer may issue a BCL. A TTM is requested to sign the contract.

December 8, 2011

Buyer of AU Bullion Gold in Hong Kong

I have a buyer of AU Bullion Gold in Hong Kong in GLD System Bank To Bank Or Ledger To Ledger Qty : 50 MT ( Spot ) Gross 12% , Net 9% Pls get me a suitable offer at the earliest

December 2, 2011

Ethanol for Philippines

We need to import Ethanol basic specification is: Ethanol from Sugar Cane, RHUM BASE, PTT -30 - 40 minutes, Proof 190 -192 P, PH 5 to 8.

If you have real sources please give offer mentioning the specification they have with your best price and monthly supply capacity.

Ethanol shall be export to Philippines.

November 18, 2011


October 27, 2011

Recruitment of top executives

ARCUS EXECUTIVE SEARCH company, based in Monaco and managed by Jennifer Fessele, has the pleasure to inform you that it searches for top executives for international companies in the sectors of:

  1. Technology

  2. Telecommunications

  3. Finance and banking

  4. Family Office Care

  5. Oil and gas

  6. Renewable energies

  7. Start-up's

Thank you to contact us if you are a senior manager in any areas we operate, or if you know a company that would like to get in touch with us to use our services.

Please notice that we pay commissions (5% to business facilitators + 5% to 1000Club) to 1000Club members who bring us new business customers.

More information about our services of headhunting, de recruitment consultancy et de career management? Or to discover our globala activities, click here !

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Purchase of armored vehicles type Leopard

Geneva on 26/10/11, an American customer (private security group operating in the field of hydrocarbons) appoints a friend to make an offer for the purchase of 80 Leopard armored tanks vehicles such as the Australian Army put on sale.

This friend would like a political contact or at the Army head office to make an offer with a cash settlement, funds evidence of a Swiss bank. Thank you for all contacts on this issue very urgent and rewarding.

October 26, 2011

Processing and clean water market

Geneva on 25 October, the consulting, intermediation and assistance firm of a friend was commissioned by a Gulf country for the award of contracts works traded over from some transport companies, building and public works [motorways tunnel construction, highways, roads], treatment and water sanitation works.

To this end, this friend would like to meet the President or CEO of Saur in France to organize in Geneva a presentation of the company, and traveling abroad for the signing of the work.

I sought to find out if you could introduce this friend to Saur.

Existing personal contacts with the President or CEO of Saur are allowed only. Do not try to contact them if you do not already know them.

October 16, 2011

Potential buyer is looking for rough diamonds

We have a buyer looking to do a contract per month of 1 million carats [of 4 carat stones or greater].

Please let us know as soon as possible due to the buyer looking to move as swiftly as possible.