December 16, 2011

2ml Bbls Bonny Light Crude Oil on brd a vessel for sale

QUANTITY TO BE LIFTED: 2,000,000 BBLS PRODUCT: LIGHT NIGERIAN CRUDE OIL PORT: BONNY TERMINAL QUALITY: Gravity 34.6 + 0,5° API Sweet Crude and BS and W. Less than 0.2% Average. POUR POINT: 4,7 PTB @ 0.10% BS & W. PRICE: ON NET BACK Concession as agreed with agents.

December 13, 2011

Buy Used Rails Origin Central Europe (not Russian)

Looking urgently for a buyer Turk. Annual contract 90,000MT x 12 months CIF, with the possibility of a second contract for 110,000MT x 12 Target Price: $325/MT Payment RDLC. Commissions included in the price and paid by the seller of $ 5 / MT for the buyer side. We must necessarily be linked with the final seller. Opportunity to visit the Stock Yards and the buyer may issue a BCL. A TTM is requested to sign the contract.

December 8, 2011

Buyer of AU Bullion Gold in Hong Kong

I have a buyer of AU Bullion Gold in Hong Kong in GLD System Bank To Bank Or Ledger To Ledger Qty : 50 MT ( Spot ) Gross 12% , Net 9% Pls get me a suitable offer at the earliest

December 2, 2011

Ethanol for Philippines

We need to import Ethanol basic specification is: Ethanol from Sugar Cane, RHUM BASE, PTT -30 - 40 minutes, Proof 190 -192 P, PH 5 to 8.

If you have real sources please give offer mentioning the specification they have with your best price and monthly supply capacity.

Ethanol shall be export to Philippines.